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Singing in the sun

On warm summer days in the countryside, the Yellowhammer is one of the few birds that can still be heard.


The simple song – a tone which is repeated a few times and then followed by a screeching swipe - carries far across meadows and fields.

The song is sometimes described as having the same rhythm as the sentence "A little bit of bread and no cheeeeeeese".

Once we hear this bunting, it is often not easy to actually see the bird. It is a matter of searching the tops of bushes and trees, because the bird likes to perch there when it sings its song.


The yellow head is often the first thing we see. At least in the male, the female is somewhat paler in color. The rufous rump is a good feature in both sexes.

The Yellowhammer likes open areas with some shrubs or trees, preferably on sand soil and the vegetation that go with it. For this reason The Yellow Hammer is rarely found in the west of the Netherlands (clay soil). In the rest of Europe, the charming and friendly bunting is widespread and widely known and loved. It's not a migrating bird but will stay in winter , usually in flocks with other finches and buntings while searching for seeds.


The kit:

The model contains 2 sheets which need to be printed on 120 gr paper. The kit also has 5 sheets with instructions which need not to be printed.

The model shows the bird singing on a sunlit rock (also made of paper). An open beak requires a new design which is slightly more complicated than other heads of bird models. An enlarged head is included to practise and get familiar with the design.


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