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The Stonechat has a wide distribution, inhabiting large parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa. You are most likely to encounter the Stonechat in dunes, heaths, and other open nature areas.

The species - especially the male - is easy to recognize by the black head, orange-red breast, stocky erect posture and short tail, and the white markings at the neck which distinguishes this bird from other species. The female is somewhat difficult to distinguish with slightly duller colors. There are many subspecies which differ in the amount of red on the chest in the male or the intensity of black on the head and back of the bird.

Characteristic behavior for both the male and female is to perch in a high place, such as the end of a branch or top of a bush, and give their calls and songs: A somewhat metallic scratching and ticking sound.

The Stonechat is closely related to the Whinchat. The Whinchat, however, does not have a black head, is more beige in color, and has a distinct white eyebrow stripe. Unlike the Whinchat, which is a migratory bird and winters in the southern portion of Africa, the Stonechat does not move far from its summer region.


The kit:

The kit also includes a template of the female. 

The model contains 3 sheets which need to be printed on 120 gr paper. The kit also has 5 sheets with instructions which need not to be printed.


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