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The Microceratops or Microceratus is one of the smaller dinosaurs, belonging to the family of the ceratopsians. There is not much known about this dinosaur, the fossiles that have been found suggest that it was a small animal. But perhaps the fossiles belonged to a juvenile, and the adult was larger. 

The Microceratops was a herbivore with no teeth and a bill-like mouth. Also it had a frill like it's larger relatives, such as the well-known Triceratops. But unlike most of the ceratopsians, the Microceratops was probably capable of walking on two legs. 


The kit:

The model shows the dinosaur lifesize: 60cm in length. I suggested a scale-like skin, which seemed to me appropriate for a member of the ceratopsians family. The head of the model is moveable, giving the model different kinds of expressions.

The model consists of six pages each to be printed on 120 gram paper. 

Instructions with photos of the assembling-process (6 pages) are included.


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