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The Hoopoe is a little smaller than a Dove. The red-brown plumage with the black and white squares, and the very mobile and colourfull crest, make this bird a striking appearance. With its long pointed beak, which is slightly bent, the bird catches large insects and other small animals. The sturdy legs demonstrate that it’s a partial ground bird. Feeding quietly, a Hoopoe can be surprisingly difficult to detect on the ground. It may only reveal itself when spreading its wings to take flight. Shortly after, it may flop down and disappear as if by magic.


Its distribution is worldwide, except for cold regions. The habitat of the bird consists of woodland, savannas, meadows, fields and orchards. Its nest is a cavity in a tree, or a recess or a hole in, for example, a pile of stones. On average they lay about eight eggs, which are white or yellow in color. 


A striking feature is the strong smell that the animal distributes, as part of the nest is never cleaned (food waste and manure are left behind). The song of a Hoopoe is a far-carrying, soft, resonant "hoo-hoo-hoo".


The kit:

This model of the Hoopoe is available as a cardboard model for 8 €.

The model contains three templates in full colour (JPEG-files) and three pages  with instructions.  


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