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Harmony in black and white.

The Collared flycatcher belongs to the old world flycatcher family. The flycatchers are small to medium birds, ranging from 9 to 22 cm in length. 


Many species are dull brown in colour, but the plumage of some can be much brighter, especially in the males. Most have broad, flattened bills suited to catching insects in flight.

Few birds are so strikingly black and white as the Collared flycatcher. This at least applies to the male, the female and young birds have less contrast in the plumage.The Collared flycatcher is very similar to the more common Pied flycatcher, but with the white collar, white rump and large white wing patches it has more contrast then the Pied flycatcher.

The bird has a small distribution and breeds only in Central Europe. Its preferred habitat consists of forests and parks. Because of its plumage it is always a striking appearance. They build an open nest in a tree hole, or man-made nest-boxes. Normally 5-7 eggs are laid. The song is a slow strained whistle.


The kit:

 This model is black and white, so a colour printer is not strictly necessary (although recommended).
A real eye catcher that fits in both classic as modern interiors!

The model contains 2 sheets which need to be printed on normal 120 gr paper.
The kit also has 6 sheets with instructions which do not need to be printed.

Collared Flycatcher

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