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The Bluebird model is from the Beautiful Paper Birds Kit that I designed for the American market in 2013. This kit included the Bluebird, the Red Cardinal, the American Goldfinch, and the White-breasted Nuthatch. Since this kit is no longer available, I have decided to offer all four  templates for these models as digital downloads. I've made some minor updates to all four templates, particularly enhancing the colors, especially for the Bluebird.

When ordering the American Goldfinch, you will also receive the European Goldfinch, which I created using the same construction, allowing the same instructions to be used for both models. The European Goldfinch is slightly larger, so please consider this when working on the legs.

To the American Nuthatch I have also added the European Nuthatch. Both have the same shape, but their colors are completely different.

All models come with a mount that can be hung on the wall, but a standing base is also an option.


€ 5,00Prijs
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